HelloFresh First Box Review


I got a couple of HelloFresh promo cards in a magazine, with a $40 coupon code, so I decided to give it a whirl.  One of the first things about their business model I didn’t like was that they immediately sign you up for a continuous subscription- you have to log into your account and drill down if you don’t want to get the boxes weekly.  (Then you have the option of every 2 weeks or monthly, or permanent freeze).


The first meal was pork chops sauteed then finished in the oven, with kale sauteed with garlic and onion, and apples sauteed and finished with honey and mustard.  Oh, and toasted walnuts as a garnish.  It was really good, but for me, involved a lot of simultaneous chopping, sauteeing, and toasting- more than I normally want to do with a crazy toddler running around.  I wondered if it would make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day, but it really only made just enough for two average-sized meals.


-yummy!  nice fresh produce and cute condiments plus garnishes

-I liked the selections, choose 3 out of 6 meals

-so convenient to have it delivered and separated into bags

-variety- nice to try some new recipes I would not have otherwise


-great deal to try the first box for $30!

-individual sized condiments so you don’t have stuff cluttering your fridge/pantry

-more discounts if you pass along the code to new customers ($40 off the new box for them, and $20 off for you)


-Price: $70 for 3 meals for two people, and they are not expensive ingredients.  You’re paying for convenience!

-Limited selection of meals, and you don’t see the selection until well into the signup process

-Only one deliver day in my area (Thursday) – I would really prefer Monday

-The website is somehow simple, but lacking basic information and a labyrinth to get through.  I felt like a lot of the information I wanted was not upfront, I had to put down my credit card before finding out the meal selections and that they automatically commit you to weekly delivery by default.